Estate Sales

To optimize, coordinate, provide clients with a continuum of services, and save time, Allodium contracts with lawyers to list these properties and maximize exposure to the market.

An estate sale is a process by which a large portion of a person's assets are liquidated, often due to death. While there is no strict deadline, there is a general rule of thumb.
In BC, an estate trustee has one year to gather the estate assets and settle the affairs of the estate. This is known as the "executor's year." It begins to run from the date of death or from the date the probate application is granted (if it is necessary to apply to probate court).

Land Assemblies

Adjoining Developments: Owners adjoining new developments often eventually decide to sell into the next assembly. Allodium manages and assembles multiple lots to optimize pricing and appeal to investors/developers. Negotiating crane-swing and underpinning agreements with affected owners often triggers a sale into an adjoining assembly.

After negotiating a crane-swing and underpinning agreement, a client asked us to sell the property at an increased value as a potential part of a land assembly.


Vancouver West Side

A map of the verbiage viewer area.

Shoring/Underpinning and Crane-Swing Agreements

As 'in-fill' sites are being redeveloped more frequently these days, we act for Affected Owners to negotiate Underpinning and Crane-swing Agreements with the adjoining Developer as part of our professional real estate services.

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A diagram of the section and area where the construction site is located.
A man in yellow shirt standing next to a pile of dirt.
Two cranes are in front of a building.
A sign that is on the side of a building.
Determining the Terms Requires the Following:
  • Review of Insurance
  • Development and Valuation Experience
  • Knowledge of Current Market Conditions Using the Database of Recent Settlements
  • Liaising With Government Agencies
  • Snow Load Assessment
  • Plan Review
  • Timeline
  • Impact
  • Inspection
  • Pre and Post Surveys
  • Reciprocity
  • Costs

Atypical Real Estate Valuation Studies & Negotiations

Property owners that adjoin new developments may eventually decide to sell into the next assembly. During our four decades of commercial real estate experience, we have gained a thorough understanding of the real estate market and which properties do best in a changing market. If you want to know what your property is truly worth, we'd be pleased to advise you. We consider all influences affecting the value of your property, such as changing land values, zoning, age, and condition of the buildings.

Once we have a detailed understanding of your real estate, we provide an accurate and neutral disposition strategy. This may include a development or renovation program, or property management changes improving the property's appeal and value.

By implementing our recommendations, your property will reach its true potential value!

Lions Gate: Allodium was retained by the Vancouver Port Authority to determine fair market rent for a third-party telecommunication cable company to hang fiber optic cable under the Lions Gate Bridge to access the North Shore from downtown Vancouver.

Interior Municipality: Allodium was retained to provide a business plan to assist the City's negotiations with a utility provider.

Expropriation – Highway, Delta BC: Allodium was retained by an affected owner to prepare a "Before and After" Valuation and negotiate fair compensation.

A view of the bridge from across the water.
Highway 17 Delta BC
A green and white photo of buildings with a map